The Travelling Band – The Magnet, Liverpool – Live review

The Travelling Band Celebrate 10 year Anniversary with UK tour this October

The Travelling Band did not fail to deliver when they arrived at the Magnet, Liverpool  last night. A diverse crowd of older generation, hipsters and folk enthusiasts were in a great mood to welcome this versatile group of folk musicians. With Adam Gorman and Jo Dudderidge regularly switching between lead and backing vocals throughout the set they manage to bring a whole new feel to each song played.

The Travelling Band manage to make each song different. They swing effortlessly from a similar sound to ‘Mumford and Sons’ through to blue grass and then onto more contemporary songs, so much so there will be something for everyone within their set.

Playing a mix of old and new material from the new E.P. ‘Pinhole Sounds Volume One’ the set appealed to the hardcore fans and new comers alike.

The set included some rather sombre songs which were mesmerizing to listen to but others were toe-tapping which helped to get the audience in high spirits and their cover of “Waterfall” by the Stone Roses was genuinely unique, although playing a Manchester Based group in the heart of Liverpool was in itself a bit risky but a risk that paid off.

All in all,  a wonderful and robust performance from The Travelling Band and it isn’t hard to see why they have been going for 10 years as their enjoyment for what they do is still evident in their stage presence and attitude and the engagement with the crowd adds to this intimate feel, yet these boys need a larger stage. This is evident in the somewhat cramped stage they occupied and also in the sound they produce.  Find out more about The Travelling Band at their official website